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We are APPRO

We are mobile app developer.





A-note - Ideas
A-note - Menu
A-note - Connection menu

A-note will help you to manage your ideas or your organization in different ways. From your shopping list to the creation of your new project ...

Personalize your mainboard with colors and move your ideas as you want! 

Manage your ideas as you want


Find people around with the same skills and get experience together.

Do you need more experience to find your first job? Find people like you and work together to get more experience. 

Find it! - Multiplayer mode
Find it! - Menu
Find it! - Main game


A challenging game from Appro.

Find-it! is an addictive and challenging game where you have to find the different letter. 

But time is limited..

Play it now and test your brain!


IOS developer for 3 years. We are learning every day about new technologies to make the best experience for you. Discover our apps and maybe the next one will be yours? We will be happy to advise you or collaborate with you! 



By Matt Jacquet



Up and down

A new way to play games

Up and down is a new addictive game where you have to dodge everything crossing the screen using the Force Touch feature.

Up and down - Dodge it! | Appro
Up and down | appro app
Up and down | Appro

Maison Smeets

Made for a Belgian independent office, this app will help you to know what is the price of the inventory of your property and more ! You can directly request an appointment or get advice for example.

Maison Smeet Google Play


Trolls & Légendes

Made for a big Belgian festival, this app will keep you informed about everything you need to know for a better experience during the event.

Exclusivity:  Also available on Google Play !


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